Incredibly helpful, incredibly helpful – thank you.
RD. April 2017


I would recommend this company to… I would recommend this company to anyone who needs advice about Leasehold property matters. I have been working with Shula Rich for approximately 5 years now and her advice and knowledge are invaluable to my company.
Gordon Speers, April 2017


Wonderful!Shula is extremely knowledgeable, deeply respectful and very caring. She has a strong sense of justice. Very encouraging and supportive and well able to guide you through the legalese.
Odette Fitzgerald, March 2017


At last i found someone who could help with my leasehold issue face to face.I have been looking on line for some time for leasehold advice and discovered there was a drop in service in my home town. i visited the brighton hove and district leaseholders. Received wonderful and straightforward advice. Shula Rich was wonderful and matter of fact. i felt so much better after leaving the drop in.
FR, March 2017


Brighton & Hove Leaseholders Association. Brighton & Hove Leaseholders Association is a busy and helpful advice group for people in need of help at an affordable annual charge. A solicitor is present at their monthly sessions, who provide advice to those with particular landlord/ renting/ flat ownership issues. I had a problem with my own solicitor and Shula Rich and her solicitors were extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction and in advising me on what to do about it. Highly recommended.
PF, March 2017


Shula speaks with all the openness and helpfulness which might be expected if I was asking about a family matter from a close family member. So refreshing, after years of robotic, evasive or buck-passing responses, to find someone, Shula, who immediately clicks onto the wavelength on which I am transmitting, and sends her clear message back along that same wavelength.
Ray Beecroft, February 2017


Clear and simple advice. Shula was a great help when I was worried about my rights. Thank you.
Mrs S Jackson, Brighton, February 2017