Shula Rich | Right To Manage
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Right To Manage

Right to Manage Consultancy


Right to Manage – RTM – one of the Jewels in the Crown of Leasehold Reform in the 2002 Act.

Briefly Leaseholders ‘step into the shoes’ of the freeholder and take on their responsibilities under the lease.



Fixed Fee RTM Consultancy

There is a fixed fee for the complete RTM process which includes meeting  you and on-going help as long as its needed.
Please contact for more info >

Experience of Leaseholders we have worked with:

“The saving being £57,000 and on-going as we never have to answer to anyone again.”


– Lianne

“We are very very grateful. Heartfelt thanks.”


-Cynthia & Sue

“Thank you so much for your time spent on ‘RTM'”


– Jenny

“Thank you again for your excellent advice and support.”



“Thank you for your support and help, so appreciated.”


– Caroline

“Thank you for all your help in getting us RTM we certainly could not have done it without you!”


– Roger

“Can I say a huge thank you for seeing us through the RTM success. I have certainly learned a lot and am not sorry to have been involved.”


– Jean