Disputes between neighbours in leasehold flats

FPRA New code gets thumbs up Autumn 2016

‘Don’t interfere’ Managing agents advised

Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Newsletter, Autumn 2016

FPRA Sale of land registry “Vandalism”

FPRA Sale of land registry “Vandalism”

Caroline Lucas denounces sale

Debate in parliament Autumn 2016.

Our say on Leasehold reform

Shula Rich in FPRA Newsletter Autumn 2016

FPRA Newsletter Autumn 2016


Law Commission wants our views by 31st October 2016

Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Newsletter 2016


Brighton & Hove Leaseholders Drop-in

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street Brighton.

Back here from 20th September 2016

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

Brighton Leaseholder drop-in

Calendar 2016, Leaseholders drop-in times

From Tuesday 20th September 2016

13:00-15:00, The Friends Meeting House, Brighton

BBC broadcast: About Kingsway Court Freehold

Inside Money by Shula Rich

Sarah Pennells BBC Radio 4 interview, 1996

Leasehold Disputes – Shula Rich

Leasehold, Escaping the Trap – Shula Rich