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Courses for Letting Agents and Estate Agents


Letting Agents and Estate Agents are particularly well placed to undertake Block Management, but may lack the knowledge and confidence to begin or to expand their practice. This new series of courses is designed to equip delegates with an understanding of the legal requirements and practical guidance in all the essential procedures.


The courses will enable property professionals who are unfamiliar with block management to enter this expanding business with its unique attraction of a continuing an regular income. The courses are also suitable for experienced block managers who will find in the three Essential Procedures courses, details of the innovations introduced in the 2002 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act, as well as new ways to increased income in this rewarding field.


3 Training Courses by Shula at GKJ Consultants

Basic Block Management
– Half Day Course –

Basic Block Management

An introduction to Block Management that covers everything from the beginning. This course is for you, if you’d like to start block management and would like to know what’s involved (or if you have just started and wish that you hadn’t).


Basic Block Management de-mystifies block management for Letting and Estate Agents, for Accountants and Surveyors.

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Block Management Intermediate Level
– Half Day Course –

Block Management Intermediate Level

This is the first course to be offered with updated material on consents for letting, including the problems raised by very short term lets by leasees using Airbnb. This half day course is aimed at block managers with some practical experience. 

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Profiting From Your Business
in Block Management
– Half Day Course –

Profiting From Your Business in Block Management

5 ways to increase your business and grow your profits from block management.


Block Management is sometimes the least profitable branch of the high street letting and estate agent. Too often agents can get too involved for too little.


This half day course looks at ways to generate new fees from your freeholders whilst giving a better service to leaseholders.


This course is aimed at those wanting to start out in block management and to those with a small practice that is maybe stagnating.

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Secrets of Successful Block Management and Getting into Block Management are for everyone in block management or contemplating entry to the business.  They are to inspire and interest, they offer insight into the business and a taster of block management.

Secrets of Successful Block Management

Secrets Of Successful Block Management

An excellent beginner’s course – it covers all the basic concepts of Block Management before going onto the Basic Legal Practice Course.

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Getting Into Block Management

Getting Into Block Management

This course is an opportunity to learn from an experienced professional, how to set up and run a Block Management Business which will provide steady, continuing and regular income.

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Basic Legal Practice for Block Managers – Introduction

Basic Legal Practice For Block Managers – Introduction

An essential course for all new entrants to block management.

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Basic Legal Practice for Block Managers – Advanced

Basic Legal Practice for Block Managers – Advanced

Designed as an essential tool to ensure compliance in the day to day administration of a Block Management Business.


Essential Procedures for Block Management: Part 1

Essential Procedures for Block Management: Part 2

Essential Procedures for Block Management: Part 3

Essential Procedure for Block Management: Parts 1, 2 and 3


* These three courses may be taken on their own by experienced professionals wishing to update, or less experienced delegates where others can assist. They will not give sufficient understanding to begin practice alone.

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What can I expect to achieve if I do the five Courses?


If you are a property professional – a letting agent or estate agent, you should be able to operate your own block management business. You will know where you are not qualified to carry out certain procedures and you will know when to take outside professional advice.


Complete the five courses within 12 months involving 35 hours of Professional Development in Block Management and receive a formal Certificate of Achievement.

Block Management Revisited


This course is aimed at all staff already involved in Block Management.



The course will be reviewing each of the following key topics:


Part One: Statutory Leasehold Notices


Part Two: Leasehold Regulations


Part Three: New  Leasehold Tribunals